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Songs of Spring

Stuffed Animal

Stuffed Animal

Lush hot pink roses, tulips, orange spray roses and fresh green cymbidium orchids design with a unique touch of variegated leaves that line the vase. A simple yet artist expression of all the bright colors of spring. You can almost hear the birds sing on a bright and sunny spring morning.

Approximately 14"TX8"W vase may vary due to supplies available

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  • Disclaimer : Photos and visual presentation of the products represent an overall style, look and feel, which we may not be able to identically replicate in some instances.

  • As Shown


  • Deluxe more roses & flowers


  • Premium lusher and fuller larger vase


As Shown - $112.50

Deluxe more roses & flowers - $137.50

Premium lusher and fuller larger vase - $185.00